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Luxe Chest High Crotchless Tights


30 Denier


One Size, XL, XXL




Oil Look & Feel

94% Nylon 6% Elastane

Take it to the top with these Chest High ultra gloss tights, featuring Miss Naughty's sensational Oil Look & Feel yarns. Theses crotchless tights shine from toe to chest high top, which is completed without a waistband for a clean finish. Recently new and improved, the amazing, luxurious yarns feel incredible to wear and touch.  

Size Information



"Miss Naughty New And Improved Oily Look & Feel Shiny Chest High Crotchless Tights I bought these… omg!! They fit so good.. feel great!!! They are amazing. Love the color and how high they go. I’m tall. It’s hard to find some that fit… these are one of my favorites… I need to get more…. Thank you"

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