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What do we love about Miss Naughty

Miss Naughty likes her hosiery to shine and through careful choice of yarns and knitting techniques, has been able to offer a high shine, luxury finish range - even in opaque styles. From 40 Denier Metallic to 20 Denier Sheer Tan, adorn legs with shimmering hosiery for a glossy look to be admired!

Taking the gloss a step further with our unique Luxury Oil Look & Feel Finish. These yarns and knitting technique allow for an oiled feel, inside and out with an ultra shine, sheer finish. Got to be tried to be believed! Super shine, super sensual. Available on all our latest Tights and Stockings styles.

Crotchless tights are hugely popular for many reasons. Whether it's for the hygienic benefit of allowing your intimate areas breathability whilst providing leg coverage or to create an alluring, tantalising look for romantic occasions. Through many years experience, Miss Naughty is an expert in crotchless pantyhose. From silky sheers to black out opaques!

With stockings and hold ups that have a thigh circumference up to 78cm, tights that fit a hip of up to 54" and suspender belts up to UK dress size 34 - Miss Naughty aims to offer flattering, flirty looks for many different body shapes. Our fitting process is carefully scrutinised to ensure a great, comfortable fit every time. 

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